The Toyota GT86 comes to the end of it's production

The end of an era – celebrate by purchasing one of the last remaining GT86 cars, as production comes to an end.

For many years the Toyota GT86 has inspired a thrilling and unforgettable experience. Designed for pure driving pleasure, the GT86 has a bold, aerodynamic styling, with a sleek signature LED display and rear spoiler; an attitude to match its extraordinary ability.

The GT86 signalled Toyota’s return to building cars with a focus on ‘smiles per hour’ – and it quickly filled a cabinet with awards, and enjoyed significant praise from motoring journalists, professional drivers and owners.

GT86 Awards:

  • Vehicle Dynamics International Car of the Year 2012
  • Best Coupe, Scottish Car of the Year Awards 2012 
  • Britain’s Best Driver’s Car 2012, Autocar
  • GT86 named “B-Road hero” by Autocar
  • Auto Express Performance Car of the Year 2012
  • Toyota GT86 wins Top Gear Speed Week
  • Top Gear Car of the Year 2012
  • Pistonheads Car of the Year 2012
  • CarBuyer Coupé of the Year 2013
  • Fleet World Road Test Editor’s Award 2013 
  • Auto Express Performance Car of the Year 2013
  • CarBuyer Coupé of the Year 2014
  • Autocar Star award 2014
  • Honest John Performance Car of the Year 2014
  • Telegraph Motoring Best Sports Car 2014
  • Toyota GT86 tops Carbuyer Best Sports Cars List, 2015: “This latest award sees it place above far more expensive machinery such as the Porsche 911, BMW M4 and Jaguar F-Type – but as Carbuyer presenter Mat Watson says, this list is about smiles per hour, not just miles per hour.”


As the GT86 comes to the end of its production line, we wanted to put together a short summary of its heritage, to celebrate the car.

The Toyota 86 traces its heritage, and name, back to a high-performing Toyota Corolla variant affectionately nicknamed the AE86 by fans around the globe. Like the original AE86, the GT86 delivers pure delight to any driver, whether on the road or the track.

Today’s 86 combines advanced engineering with modern design innovation while remaining true to Toyota’s sports car heritage. Engineered for performance, the 86 features the world’s only boxer engine in a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive configuration.

By separating the driving power and steering functions – and using the rear wheels to propel 86 forward – steering ability is maximized to deliver greater agility and responsiveness.

The lightweight construction, low centre of gravity and rear-wheel drive sophistication put the GT86 in a class of its own. Increased body rigidity and suspension tuning means the GT86 tackles every bend with comfort, stability and impressive steering response. The result? Your smile never fades.

The GT86 was also a superb performer on the track, with podium places in many races, including winning its class in the infamous Nurburgring 24hr Race, which many professional drivers consider to be the toughest in the world. It was also used to smash a Guinness World Record for drifting and a modified version was even used in a challenge against a stunt helicopter!

The name ‘GT86’ references two of the most important sports cars in Toyota’s history – the 2000GT and the Corolla GT Coupé (AE86). It also comes from the car’s development code ‘086A’. What makes the name particularly clever, is the fact it’s also a nod to the boxer engine’s 86mm x 86mm square bore and stroke, and the 86mm diameter of the model’s chrome-tipped twin exhausts. The 2000GT was an iconic car, even appearing in a James Bond film, and is a highly valued classic today.

Don’t miss out on a multi-award winning, highly praised sports coupe, which helped to steer the new direction for Toyota’s future cars, while also giving a nod to its heritage.

Only a handful remain, including two models available at Pinkstones Toyota.

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